Change mortgage insurance

It is also possible to change loan insurance every year at the anniversary date of the current contract through the law.

Be careful, in both cases, whether in the first twelve months of the life of the contract with the Hamon law or on each anniversary date with the Bourquin law, it is fundamental to do the things of the order and to respect certain stages. .

Many people subscribe to the group contract of their bank when signing their mortgage, for convenience, willingness to save time, not to upset their banker … but often in group contracts, exclusions are numerous and a 90-day grace period (which is not ideal for all profiles) is almost always applied in the ITT guarantee.

1 – Subscribe the new contract with guarantees equivalent to the contract in force

The new borrower insurance contract must have guarantees that are totally equivalent to the first contract signed with the bank or another company (because the bank has granted you the loan under these guarantee conditions).

For your information, banks may only retain for their application for equivalence a maximum of 11 criteria out of the 18 defined by the loan insurance coverage and a maximum of 4 out of 8 criteria for job loss coverage (if this is the case). this is required). 

Consult us without delay, we know all the criteria of equivalence of the contracts of the banks and will guide you towards the guarantees to be selected in the contracts of insurance of delegated loans.

2 – Terminate in the first twelve months of life of your loan insurance contract

loan insurance

It will also be necessary to cancel within twelve months of the anniversary date of the mortgage insurance contract : be careful, depending on the banks, the anniversary dates may change: sometimes it is the date of the signature of the application for Accession to the borrower insurance contract, sometimes it is the date of signature of the loan offer that counts, sometimes still it is the effective date at which the insurance contract started.

As an indication, here are the anniversaries of the group contracts of the main banks:

For delegated borrower insurance taken out with an insurance company other than that imposed by the bank, the anniversary date is often the effective date of the contract for the first year but to be verified, this can also be the date of the membership request…

Once again, these data are indicative, in any case, to consult us, we know the deadlines dates anniversaries for each of the banks and will give you the good planning to respect to cancel in the times

Change mortgage insurance

mortgage insurance

It is also possible to change the loan insurance policy at each anniversary date by invoking the law.

Be careful, in both cases, whether in the first twelve months of the life of the contract with the Hamon law or on each anniversary date with the Bourquin law, it is fundamental to do the things of the order and to respect certain stages. .

Car Loan: Purchase of New Cars and Old Cars

Quick Loans

There are several fast and consumer car loans on the Bulgarian market. On this page we will show you some of the most interesting car purchase credits for both new cars and old cars. Not only are there profitable consumer auto credits, but also fast loans with easy online application.

In addition to buying a used car or a new car, there are also very attractive offers for leasing under good conditions and without any limitation on the age of the car. Even now there is an auto-crediting without proof of income, no guarantor and only with an ID card.

1. AutoCredit

1. AutoCredit


We’ll start with credit for buying a car of the old. Applying for a loan from AutoCredit is easy, fast and convenient. Since it is a purchase of used cars. The maximum amount you can get is 8000 leva. The approval deadline is only 1 hour after the application.

If they approve you, you will become the owner of the car right now and it will be registered on your behalf from the beginning. This credit is self-deductible, which is at least 20% of the car’s cost. This credit does not bind you with insurers and repairers because the car is on your name right from the start. Let us summarize the particularities of credit:

  • Fast consumer credit for old cars up to 8000 BGN.
  • Reply within 1 hour.
  • You become the owner of the car right away.
  • Self-participation – minimum 20% of the price.
  • Payment period: between 6 and 24 months.

2. Autocredit New from BNP Paribas

This is a specialized loan from BNP Paribas for the purchase of a new car – up to 3 years from the date of its first registration. The maximum amount you can get is quite high – up to £ 80000 and you can finance the purchase of all cars. In addition, if you need additional funding for any related costs (such as car registration), you may also receive an additional amount.

AutoCredit New is a fixed interest rate for the entire car loan period. It is important to note that this is a credit for a car without self-participation. Become the owner of the car right away. The advantage of the loan is that you save a number of additional payments related to the transfer of ownership of the vehicle. Here are the generic features:

  • Consumer credit for cars up to BGN 80000 .
  • Fast credit with easy and express approval.
  • You immediately become the owner of the car.
  • New car loan with fixed installments and interest.

3. Mog

Although this is not just a credit for a car, but a car lease, we have decided to include it in our article because the conditions are quite interesting and attractive. Mogo offers fast and easy financing of all brands and car models. The answer is extremely fast – in just 30 minutes.

There is no limit to the age of the car – you can make a purchase of both a new car and an old car. This lease and a low initial installment – 15%. the maximum amount is BGN 20000 and the minimum is BGN 2000. Repayment term: up to 72 months. Here are the summarized features of the lease.

  • Leasing a car to 20000 leva .
  • Very fast approval – up to 30 minutes .
  • Maximum repayment term – up to 72 months.
  • No limit to the age of the vehicle.
  • application – only with an ID card.

4. Fast credit for car


кредити на вноски

This is an option for those who are looking for a quick credit now or a loan without a contract of employment , without proof of income and no guarantor. This is a loan and without limitation in the age of the car. Answer if you are approved receive up to 30 minutes. From Viva Credit you can take either a quick lease up to BGN 30000 or a fast credit for a car up to 4000 leva.

The application process is as follows: you like a car from a dealer, dealership or online, claim the loan to Viva Credit and get an opinion within 30 minutes. Here are the generic features:

  • Leasing a car up to BGN 30000
  • Fast car loans up to 4000 leva .
  • Approval for up to 30 minutes .
  • Autocredit without proof of income and no guarantor .
  • Quick money loan only against ID card .

5. Autocredit 3+ of BNP Paribas

This is another of the consumer credits for an old car, which is again offered by BNP Paribas. It is for the purchase of a car older than 3 years from the date of its first registration. 

You can finance all car models at a cost of 1500 to 80000 BGN. You can also cover additional costs such as taxes, taxes, etc. Here are the generic features:

  • Maximum amount: up to BGN 80000.
  • Rapid application and approval process.
  • Fixed installment for the entire duration of the loan.
  • You immediately become the owner of the car.
  • Repayment term: from 6 to 96 months


Real Estate Loan Insurance Delegation

1 – The “group” contract of the bank

You can choose to subscribe to the contract offered by the lender, the “group” contract.

It is a group insurance contract that each bank has negotiated with an insurer on behalf of its borrowing clients.

The main disadvantage of group contracts is that collateral and rates are the same for all borrowers underwriting a contract. Guarantees are not adapted exactly to the need of the insured does not take into account its personal characteristics, and in most cases the tariff will be much higher because it is calculated on a pooling of risks (age, health problem, extreme sports, smoking

2 – The individual contract leaving free choice


You can choose to subscribe to a borrower insurance policy of your choice and delegate it to the bank that finances your property. In this case we speak of insurance delegation and free choice of borrower insurance.

This law clearly states that the lending institution is no longer entitled to impose its group contract, since the guarantees offered in the delegation agreement chosen by the borrower are at least equivalent to those offered by the group contract.

Moreover this law stipulates that the banking organization is not entitled to apply a higher credit rate if you decide not to subscribe to their group contract.

If the bank refuses to accept your delegation of insurance, then it will have to justify it and motivate it in writing so that you can look for a new contract whose terms will meet their requirements.

For information, this law came to support the law  which already prohibited the forced sale of related products but which was not sufficient and little applied in reality: the main text of this law mentions: “Is prohibited the sale or offer of sale bundled products or services, except where the goods or services included in the bundle can not be bought individually, or when they are inseparable “.

Tell quickly that you opt for a delegation

In order to put the odds on your side for the delegation to be accepted, we advise you to address the subject from your first meeting with your banker by indicating your willingness to make a delegation of insurance.

He will then be able to give you the terms and conditions of sale of his group contract and this will allow you to launch your research and align with their terms of guarantees.

Delegation of insurance borrower: make the right choice


The borrower insurance delegation can save you a lot of money. However, care must be taken to choose the contract based on your personal need and not just want to favor the lowest rate, something you could regret greatly in case of need for compensation.

The guarantees are not identical on all loan insurance contracts, pay attention, among other things, to waiting periods and deductible periods, especially in the case where you are a non-salaried worker and you do not benefit from the pension coverage as a good majority of employees.

Also pay special attention to exclusions and especially if you practice a risky sport: you should not be guaranteed in case of accident during the practice of your favorite sport!

Determine the quotients for each borrower, which will help protect you and your family effectively.

Call an insurance broker

It is very appropriate to use an insurance broker who can make the comparison for you of the best contracts on the market and choose the one best suited to your profile and your needs. We are here to compare for you and guide you in the best choice.

Indeed, with regard to your profession, the sport you practice, whether you are TNS or an employee, you will be able to select the appropriate guarantees and options and not subscribe to the guarantees common to all the profiles of borrowers of a group contract. Some guarantee conditions of the group contract may be too weak in some cases and will include many exclusions.

Among other things, the notion of waiting period in ITT can be a determining factor for a TNS (which is not lucky for the majority of employees who receives 100% of his salary in case of sickness during the first 3 months, the latter being totally supported by his employer).

Save money with a delegation

Savings, money

The insurance delegation can save up to 60% on insurance costs, especially if you are young, with no health concerns and no smoking. Rates are delegated according to criteria related to each borrower: it is thus made to measure by age, sex, being a smoker or not, the profession and do not bear the risks associated with others borrowers of a group contract.

It is also tailored to the amount and duration of your loan. Thus group contracts are in most cases based on the initial capital borrowed while the delegation contracts are for the most part indexed to the remaining capital of the.

Do well in advance to make a delegation

It is preferable to draw up your loan insurance file at the same time as your mortgage loan file because the medical formalities are sometimes important and long in case the borrowers present health risks. In this case the medical services of the insurers will almost always require additional medical examinations and reports.

Thus it is not essential to have the amount to finance and the final rate to start the process of research insurance loan. We advise you to make comparative insurance quotes based on a rate and an amount to fund in principle in order to launch the file. You will give confirmation of the exact rate, amount to be financed and effective date just before the membership certificate is issued.

In some cases, delegation may be essential

Indeed, if you present risks too high, a large part of the group contracts will refuse to cover you and your banker will invite you to look for borrower insurance on your side. This may be the case especially for senior citizens (because group contracts do not cover beyond a certain age) and for borrowers practicing risky professions or sports.

Home-Modified Loans

When you want to carry out renovations but also when you want to carry out simple maintenance work, you have to bear the costs. Unfortunately, due to the current economic crisis it is not easy for everyone to bear extra expenses.

In these cases, therefore, we normally resort to home loans, that is, targeted loans that allow us to use the money received to support the renovation or maintenance costs of your apartment.

Getting a loan is not always a simple task. On the contrary, especially in these periods the requests for rejected loans are increasing. In these cases, to obtain a line of credit able to satisfy one’s needs, it is possible to opt for loans that have been changed for the home.

Before taking care of the loan with bills of exchange we try to analyze the reasons why the classic financing can be denied to the applicant.

The causes are mainly two: the insufficiency of income guarantees and the negative financial status of the applicant.

Due to insufficient income guarantees we mean the lack of a proven source of income such as the employee’s paycheck, the pensioner’s pension slip and the self-employed income tax return. On the tax return, however, another separate understanding could be opened, the self-employed not having a fixed monthly fixed is not always frowned upon by the lenders. Those who fail to submit documents certifying a perceived income that according to the bank is sufficient to be able to repay their debts see their request rejected.

Prestiti Cambializzati per la Casa

The negative financial status instead we identify it as the “historical” of the applicant. Banking institutions dig into the potential client’s past and see whether he has had negative past history with further debts. Who turns out to be protested or bad payer will hardly see his / her request accepted, unless you are able to exploit the assignment of the fifth of the salary or the assignment of the fifth of the pension.

If you are in one of the two already mentioned situations and therefore you have not been able to get the money hoped for there is the possibility to be satisfied by using the changed loans. Financing with bills of exchange may be required for the most varied reasons, either for renovating one’s own home or for carrying out routine or extraordinary maintenance but also for purchasing any other type of good or service. In fact, we are talking about a non-finalized loan where the client does not necessarily have to declare the purpose for which he / she needs the money and once obtained he can spend it as he wishes without having to undergo any bond of the creditor.

Loan with bills of exchange can also be granted to those who do not possess particular income guarantees, bad payers and protestors.

Logically, guarantees must be presented but in addition to being documented by paychecks, pension coupons or income tax returns may be represented by the property owned by the applicant. If, for example, the customer owns a motorbike or a car, he can use it as a guarantee to obtain his loan. Alternatively, should you not be in possession of the guarantees required to obtain a certain amount you can get help from a third person who in jargon takes the name of guarantor and provides its own income guarantees that are in addition to those of the customer .

As already mentioned this type of credit is also granted to those who in the past have had problems in repaying old debts. Modified loans for protestors or bad payers allow these individuals to be able to gain access to a credit again. This can be done thanks to the repayment method, which unlike the classic personal loan that uses the installments uses bills of exchange. The bills are executive securities that give the creditor particular power. The creditor may, in the event of non-payment of the amount due, request the attachment of the debtor’s assets and possibly also those of the guarantor. The seized assets will then be sold through an auction and the amount obtained will pay off as much as due.

It is precisely this function of the bill that allows the creditor to be more serene and to have less worries if the debtor does not honor his debt.


Loans Postponed

Post-employment loans for self-employed workers 2018 are considered as one of the few viable alternatives for obtaining a line of credit for self-employed persons who turn out to be bad paying or protested.

The causes that can register a person in the register of the Crif as a bad payer or in the register of protested may be various, but all has to do with debt not paid or paid late, that is after the dates set. The subjects in this situation are seen in a bad light by financial companies, banks and banks because there is the possibility that these people repeat the same mistakes. This situation therefore for those who invest (precisely banks and credit companies) see a high risk in lending money to bad payers and protestors.

The employee and the pensioner can solve this problem easily, provided they have a fixed monthly income of an adequate amount. The solution lies in the transfer of the fifth, which can only be requested exclusively by employees (assignment of the fifth salary) and pensioners (transfer of the fifth of the pension).

Self-employed workers not having a fixed monthly can not take advantage of the sale of the fifth. This is because this line of credit allows the creditor to take the amount that is due (ie the payment of the monthly payment) directly from the paycheck or from the debtor’s debit card.

The self-employed person who then needs to apply for a loan and sees his request denied in the bank and other credit institutions because he may be a bad payer or a protester, can resort to two different solutions.

The first of the two solutions would be to identify a third party who can act as guarantor, ie a person who makes available to the debtor his income guarantees.

The second solution would be to opt for loans with bills.

The loan with bills of exchange for self-employed workers is in fact one of the best solutions currently available for those who urgently need funding and who can not get one of the traditional ones.

prestiti cambializzati per lavoratori autonomi 2018

What is the money for? Very often, indeed in almost all cases, banks before providing the money want to be aware of how the applicant intends to use it. On the contrary, other times we talk about finalized loans, ie lines of credit that can be disbursed only if the debtor will use the money required to buy a specific asset or a specific service.

In the case of a converted credit, the purpose of the loan is irrelevant. In fact, the financial company that provides the changed loan will not make any kind of request and the debtor will be able to use the money as best he likes, without having to respect any kind of bond.

A question that may come to mind when hearing about this line of credit could be the following: “how come the classic loan has been rejected while the loan has been accepted?”

The answer as you can imagine comes from the only fundamental difference that exists between the two different credit lines: the bill of exchange.

As you well know, the bill is not used in the personal loan, while it is a fundamental element in the funded loan. This is an executive credit title. This means that the creditor has a certain power towards the one who has obtained the money. The power lies in the possibility of seizing the assets owned by the debtor in the event that the latter had proved insolvent.

The practice to understand each other better is the following:

  • The creditor lends the money to the applicant;
  • The applicant signs the bills;
  • The debtor pays the bills within the pre-established terms;
  • The debtor stops paying bills;
  • The creditor uses the executive power of the bill and requests the attachment of the debtor’s assets;
  • The seizure of the assets of the insolvent person is carried out;
  • Foreclosed assets are sold through an auction;
  • The proceeds from the auction are used to settle the residual debt.

As you can guess, in one way or another the creditor will always return the money he deserves. The risk for those who invest surely there is, but there is always a way to be able to get back what is right.

Loans changed for self-employed can also be provided by individuals. In this case the exchange of money will take place between two serious private subjects, according to the respect of the Italian laws in force.